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Price : Price On Call
Type : Sell
Date : December 25, 2021
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : 118/B Sumanajothipura, Kimanthudawa, Bandaragama, Sri Lanka

Leading Batapalali Manufactures In Sri Lanka, With over 45 years of commitment to sustainability in Bamboo Blinds Industry, 

we have extensive experience in sustainable indoor and outdoor design solutions. Our products are ethically sourced, thoughtfully.

Homes, windows and doors are the cheapest and safest way to protect your home from the sun and rain as well as to enhance your home decor.

Not only homes but also hotel premises and any building space can be fitted with pallets to get a more elegant look.

You can get different types of plywood including different types of reeds / plywood / cane plywood.

It will be ready and installed very quickly, at the lowest possible price, with the finishing touches you need

නිවසේ දොර ජනෙල් අවුවෙන් හා වැස්සෙන් ආරක්ෂා කිරීමට මෙන්ම නිවසේ අලංකරණය වැඩි කරගැනීමට ලාභදායිම සහ උෂ්ණත්වය අවම කරන සෞඛ්යය ආරක්ෂිතම ක්‍රමය පැලලි සවිකිරීම පමණයි.

නිවාස පමණක් නොව හෝටල් පරිශ්‍ර හා ඕනෑම ගොඩනැගිලි ස්ථානයක් සඳහා පැලලි සවිකර වඩාත් අලංකාර පෙනුමෙන් ලබා ගත හැක.

විවිධ බට පැලලි වර්ග / ඉරටු පැලලි / වේවැල් පැලලි ඇතලු විවිධ තත්වයෙන් යුතු පැලලිවර්ග ඔබට ලබාගත හැක.

ඔබට අවශ්‍ය පරදි අනර්ග නිමාවකින් යුතුව අවම මිලක් යටතේ ඉතා ඉක්මනින් සකස්කර සවිකර දෙනු ලැබේ.

Our Wide Range Of Products

In the bamboo blinds market, we have over 45 years of expertise. As a result, we provide a wide range of items to our consumers.

Batapalali (Bamboo Blinds)

Iratu Palali (Ekale Blinds)

Weval Palali (Cane Blinds)

Polythene Palali (Monsoon Blinds)

Our warranty demonstrates our dedication to you and our confidence in our products. Both your product and installation are covered by our warranty.

We are much more than a retailer of off-the-shelf items; we specialize in custom projects and can create whatever you can imagine. No project is too little or too large, from backyards and apartments to resorts and retail.

Contact us on our 24/7 Hotlines – 071 420 4309 / 074 006 1523

Website –

Email –

Mention when calling seller to get a good deal


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